VIN Editor für all Cars with OBD 2 Diagnosis


We can change your stored VIN number to your OBD socket from your vehicle!

The VIN number on your vehicle is only available once and is assigned to your vehicle.

We can change your VIN number!

Why do we offer such a product at all?

There are tuning companies that can not bring a modified vehicle onto the market.

Every manufacturer has to be able to identify his vehicle!

However, since the vehicle is no longer technically or optically equivalent to the brand-name vehicle, the vehicles are no longer assigned or recognized as belonging to the original mark.

ITC technologie offers the possibility to change the diagnostic chassis number on your vehicle.

Use our software daVINci to set the chassis number.

You need our interface D.K.E.I- 1000 for your vehicle.

With the software daVINci you can adjust all numbers and letters yourself.

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